Saturday, November 23, 2002

So we started our Christmas shopping today. We And one book. Oh! And a CD of an old radio version of A Christmas Carol with Orson Wells. That was for us. We also looked around World Market and I showed Will everything I want.

Then I took Will to The Buzz Stop and London (that is so not his real name) chemically straightened his hair. Straightened it! Poor Will. All of his friends are going to call him a girl now. It looks lovely, though. It's still kind of wavy, but my goodness! What a difference. I can run my fingers through it without getting stuck.

When we got home, we went to Amazon to look for all the stuff we couldn't find at the bookstore. Of course, they had it all. I love Amazon.

Then Will and Elliot had a bitchfight on MSN. I saved the transcript, and will forward it to the person with the best bribe. It's hilarious!

In other news, I am still desperately in love with Sean Bean. I have come to terms with our love never leaving my living room, as I have no intention of ever getting involved with a man who's been divorced more than twice. (Bruce Campbell, that makes you eligible!) Damn it to hell. Oh well - 25 days until The Two Towers, which, while notably devoid of Boromir, ought to have some nice gay hobbits.