Monday, July 14, 2003

I am wearing my great-grandmother's ring.

I assume it's a wedding band, but I suppose it could be an engagement ring or just, you know, a ring. It's a band of diamond chips in white gold. There are probably 30 diamonds, but it might be 29. I can't seem to get an accurate count, because the damn thing is circular. Anyway, it's very pretty, and I felt like wearing it. It occurs to me now, about an hour after putting it on, that I was looking at the top of my dresser because I was thinking that I really needed to dust it. I forgot.

So, last night the bad smell went away rather quickly (it was probably coming from outdoors), and I never did go hide in the bathroom, but Will and I went for a walk so I never came back to finish my entry. And now I don't really feel like it, though I will say that The Big Easy was terrific. We walked past the Wiltern Theater (it's at the corner of Wilshire and Western, and it's called the Wiltern), where there was a Special Events Awards Ceremony. We'd walked that way to see where the pretty lights were coming from. It looked like quite a nice event, and I suddenly pined for my days in New York. Not my recent visit, but the last time I lived there. I went to events like that all the time, because I worked for Gen Art and actually ran some events. I helped to put together a first-time film festival which went on to be quite successful (though I don't know if it is still happening), and helped coordinate some art showings. It was so nice, and I hope to do something similar again in my lifetime.