Thursday, July 21, 2005

We all need to get on the same page here.

Briefly, because I have a raging headache.

I was propelled off the couch, where I was languishing away reading My Family and Other Animals, by the urge to check whether we own any more Gerald Durrell books. (We have one.) While I was up here I thought I'd just really quickly peek at a blog or two, and I glanced at Will's (so you see it doesn't even count) and he said something about "Quentin the Chin" and I remembered that I am really irritated with the over-use of "The Chin" to describe any old person with a big chin. Namely Quentin Tarantino and Bruce Campbell. On Sunday evening Dave Davis (who I can't possibly refer to by anything but his full name) used the phrase to refer to Bruce and I thought he meant QT which is as embarrassing as it gets for a Bruce licker like me.

SO. I propose that we come to some sort of agreement. I'm thinking that since "BC" already has a very widely-used meaning, we use "The Chin" for Bruce Campbell and "QT," which has gone out of vogue (as in "on the QT and very hush-hush"), for Quentin Tarantino.

Who's with me?

(By the way, I found a very nice website, World Wide Words, while double-checking the origin of "on the QT.")