Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Celebrity Sighting #6348

Yesterday afternoon, TIMOTHY OLYPHANT ran past me, shouting.

It was one of the crowning moments of my life.

(Can you have more than one crowning moment? Do they have to be achievements? I'm confused.)

To be more specific: Will's boss, SC, was meeting with TIMOTHY OLYPHANT. These things happen. I guess. I can't imagine having such a thing happen to me but then I am just a drooling fangirl.

I was standing between SC's office and the front door. The windows overlook the street.

TIMOTHY OLYPHANT must have seen the parking enforcer pull up in front of his car, and he ran out to stop him/her giving him a ticket. I originally thought someone was towing his car, which somewhat amused me as I have chased a towtruck down the street. A long time ago. But it was just an expired meter. And I think he got there in time. I know I wouldn't have given him a ticket.