Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My favorite yet.

From: "Henry Charles Jnr DELE" []
Subject: PIE FUNDS!
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 04:38:38 +0000

2a queens Park View, Victoria Island.
Lagos Nigeria/

Good day,

I wish to make an urgent and important business proposal to you, which
is based on trust and confidentiality.

I am a Forty (52) year old Lawyer practising in Nigeria. One of my
clients was late MR. NOMOTO PIE, a foreign national (Now deceased).
years ago.
MR.PIE successfully executed a contract for Federal
Government of Nigeria worth US$40 million. A part payment of US$32
was paid to MR. PIE, while the balance of US$8 million was still unpaid
before MR. PIE, his wife and only daughter died in a plane crash in May

The Federal Government of Nigeria is now paying fully all Contractors
who have successfully completed their jobs. MR.PIE is among those
dueto be
paid. As his personal Attorney before his death, I have been
officially notified and instructed to forward particulars of MR. PIE'S
next of kin so that he/she can be paid the outstanding US$8 million. I
know he did not leave any WILL (because of his sudden death). This
will therefore be paid to whomever I present as MR. PIE'S next of kin.

Simply, I intend to channel this money to the account of a clever but
reliable person who upon successful payment of the money, will earn 25%
thereof, 70% will be for me and the officials that will approve the
payment, while 5% is set outside to cover incidental expenses along the
line. Your nationality does not matter as all modalities have been set
to pay whomever I present as the next of kin. To create a perfect
semblance of genuineness however, the next of kin must be a Foreigner.
transaction will take about 21 working days to conclude as soon as you
indicate your interest. For prompt action, contact me urgently through
Please, do accord this transaction the confidentiality it deserves.


Principal Partner
I can only assume that my name on Yahoo is set as Bettie Pie. But my favorite part is his age.