Monday, October 21, 2002

Dear Will's Mom,

Your manipulations have got to stop. Will isn't falling for them, just hurt by them. It is your choice to not accept me, but the fact is that I am part of your son's life, and have been for five years.

He told you in April that he wouldn't be coming home for Christmas. He told you that it was because he was spending the holidays with me. To ask him, repeatedly, if he is coming home is just mean at this point. You are only setting him up to have to either hurt you (again) by choosing me or hurt me (and himself) by changing his mind. He is 27 years old and can make up his own mind. There is no call for you to torture him about it.

I love that you love and like your son so much that you want him home for the holidays. I really do. But I am starting to despise you for your methods of trying to get him there, and I am afraid that he will too.

Please - this is for your own sake - fuck off.