Monday, October 07, 2002

So, I've gained weight since I got to Los Angeles. About 15 pounds, I think. Not a big deal, though occasionally I am very self conscious about it. The real problem is my clothing. None of my pants (trousers) fit me, and there is nothing that makes a girl feel fat faster than a pair of pants, previously loose, not buttoning.

So on Saturday Will took me shopping. We couldn't really afford it, but I can hardly go around with no pants on. So I tried on several trousers that just made my thighs and hips look chunky. One pair of chinos fit nicely, and I got them, and a full-length skirt, and a sweater. I wore the sweater and skirt all weekend. They're gorgeous and more importantly, I feel sexy in them. That hasn't happened lately in any of my old clothes.