Sunday, October 13, 2002

Speaking of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's bottle blonde vamp:

Bettie says: Fucking Spike Lickers. You know, I like Spike, but they're all killing it for me.

Tina says: huh?

Bettie says: The Defenders of Spike on the WD.

Tina says: I knew who you meant (more or less) but not which post set you off

Bettie says: Eh - I keep finding myself drawn into the Spike v. Angel thread.

Tina says: oh....I've avoided that

Bettie says: Good on you. You'll stay sane longer than I.

Tina says: well, with a title like "Why Angel is 10X the man Spike is", I could see where it was going

Bettie says: *sigh* You're so much wiser than I.

Tina says: I love spike

Tina says: I love [name deleted]

Tina says: I have no desire to crawl into that particular minefield, though

Bettie says: I love Spike too. But I see no reason to defend him.

Tina says: you know, on the one hand, I love the disection of the show at's part of what drew me...but when it goes on ad nauseum and the arguments are essentially reduced to "You're stupid!" No, YOU'RE stupid!"...well, enough already. Just watch the damned show

Bettie says: Absolutely agree.

Tina says: I mean, I agree that Buffy treated Spike abysmally last year...I also agree it was a fucked up relationship...and the "attempted rape" scene was so out of character, they had to contrive a reason why Spike could even momentarily overwhelm Buffy and even still, people have to clamor and conjecture to come up with explanations for it on both sides (an indication to me that the writer's did a really shitty job--when the fans have to pull conjecture out of thin air to explain completely out of character behavior)

Bettie says: But the fans will do that anyway.

Tina says: But what's done is done...can we at least get halfway into the season before we decide "this sucks" and "so and so is STILL a bitch/a whining prat/etc"

Bettie says: At least people seem to be giving Dawn a chance this year. I'm not one to defend the characters (as you well know) but I always found her to be portrayed as realistically as is possible with a character that is formed from pure energy and just thrown into the mix.

Tina says: true....I got tired of the screetching, but at least they stopped that And yeah, they do seem to be giving her more of a fair shake

Tina says: Do you realize that we're talking on msn??

Tina says: *claps hand to side of head*

Bettie says: Shit happens. I'm only on my third cup of coffee.