Wednesday, November 27, 2002

This morning on the way to work (or it might have been yesterday morning - they all lump together in my mind) I saw a van for a company with the most offensive name I have ever seen: SIDS Air Conditioning. SIDS! What were they thinking?

This afternoon on the way home I saw a van with the best company name/logo EVER: TNT Electric. "Let us look into your shorts."

So now I'm home, and Will is braving day-before-Thanksgiving shoppers to pick up wine and butter (and anything else he wants) while I lazily troll the internet. He's the best. I'm so incredibly happy, because I get five whole days with him and neither of us has to go anywhere. I mean, we have a lunch date on Friday, and we might go down to Huntington Beach on Saturday to see Cassie, and I think we have plans on Sunday, but we'll be together the whole time.