Thursday, January 16, 2003

It isn't Tchaikovski, but...

[super geeky story]

I've been listening to the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack a lot lately. I would say "constantly," but that wouldn't be true, since sometimes I don't listen to anything at all.

I can't think of any piece of music that affects me as much as the Fellowship theme. The mazurka from Delibes' Coppelia comes close. Several Tchaikovski pieces do as well, hence the [post] title.

I visualize the scenes from the movie when listening to the soundtrack - not for every moment, but for several of them. I freaked Will out yesterday by saying, "Great. Where are we going?" along to the appropriate part of the music. Obviously, I need help.

What really worries me is some of the reactions I have. The best example is during the Bridge of Khazad Dum, about halfway through the piece when the fellowship theme plays for the second time. Actually, just before it. Every damn time, I worry that this time, Boromir and Legolas won't catch Frodo and Aragorn. This is clearly absurd - I don't even worry about it when watching the movie, and didn't (much) the first time I saw it.


I was going to make this a WD post, with BOQ, but then I realized that it is too lame and pathetic, even for the WD. Plus, I couldn't think of any questions, let alone a bunch of them.

Go on. Make fun of me. Just remember that I can edit your comments to my heart's content.