Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Warning: extremely boring entry.

Tax time. Wheee! Fun.

I tried to do the paperwork for Will's taxes yesterday, but ran into a few wee problems:

  • The post office had the 1040EZ forms, but no booklets, state forms, or city forms. Gee, thanks.
  • The IRS has the booklets available online as PDF files, but it is exceptionally difficult to read a 32 page PDF file, even with a large(ish) monitor.
  • The idiot accountants who cut checks for Ben Stiller's employees do not withhold enough federal taxes, meaning that, if I read the "booklet" correctly, we owe the IRS about $700. We don't have $700. We don't even have a couch!

    I am unable to file my own taxes, as my W2s were sent to Chicago and my (former) roommate is forwarding them to me but they have not yet arrived. Once they do, I will face the challenge of getting Illinois tax forms. More fun!

    Also in financial news, the owners of the apartment we moved out of last month have yet to send Will his security deposit or a written explanation of why they are withholding it, as required by law. It's been over 30 days, and though I have to double-check the local laws, I'm fairly certain that this entitles us to a full refund. Will left a voicemail for the building manager, but he is notorious for not calling back, so I will most likely be taking care of this by mail. Which, granted, is the best solution anyway - a piece of paper with "CC: West Hollywood Housing Commission" is more likely to produce results than a phone call.

    In terrible financial news (because the above isn't bad enough), I've discovered that Will's credit card is charging him something in the vicinity of 21% APR and that my bank account seems to have been turned over to collection agents. Please note that I haven't heard a word from my bank since sending them my change of address, so I cannot possibly pay off my overdraft, because I don't know what it is. I've applied (ironically, at Citibank, which holds my [possibly ex] checking account) for a new credit card in Will's name, and hopefully will be able to transfer the balance over.

    End boring part.

    We're having a party in a week and a half. I'm looking very forward to it, though I have no idea where we'll find money to purchase booze for it.