Thursday, April 08, 2004

House buying update.

Ha ha. We are still not buying a house, because we are still poor because I am still not working. Technically, I still work for the kitchen, but I think they know that I don't want to break my back for eleven fucking dollars an hour, so I haven't heard from them.

The good news is that this morning we went to H+R Block to get Will's taxes done (I made under three grand and didn't have taxes taken out, so no filing for me) and he claimed me as a dependent, and he's getting money back from the evil government. Not a ton of money, but enough to put a nice dent in our credit card debt. And maybe get a present, or at least a nice lunch. I vote for sushi. SUSHI! We will take Cassie. (Don't tell Will! I haven't asked him yet! I just thought of it!)

So the nice lady who did the tax preparation for us, Noemi (what a lovely name), was really friendly and funny and told us that we were throwing our money away and should be making mortgage payments instead of paying rent every month. She showed us how our tax refund would look if we owned, and it came out to about the amount we'd be paying in property taxes, which seems fair. Also, she seemed pretty confident that we could buy without a down payment, though we'd still need the closing costs and all that. I don't really like the idea of not making a down payment, because it would mean higher interest if I am not mistaken, but I still like the idea of buying a house enough to give it some thought. Not that I haven't been thinking about it non-stop, but she made it sound like something that should happen sooner than we were planning, and that means PUPPY, so I want to do it.

In conclusion, I am bringing Will his lunch. I'M BRINGING WILL HIS LUNCH!