Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Er...oops. (knittery post)

I have been wrapping the yarn around my needles incorrectly. As far as I can tell, my purls have been backwards. Except not, because then they'd be knits. Lord only knows what was wrong with those. Oddly, everything looked fine. I only noticed because they were impossible to work with, and even I could not have been pulling the yarn that tight.

Anyway, it's all taken care of now. I will post a picture of my latest project (a super-easy scarf, though I do seem to be fucking up left and right) as soon as I bother taking one.

I am in the market for some single point bamboo needles. Cassie loaned me some double points and I am using them for the scarf because I just like the wood so much. I'm using 9.5s right now, with worsted weight wool, and it looks great. Very stretchy.

But I still have fits when I look at patterns, even though I have translations of all the chicken-scratches.