Wednesday, January 05, 2005

knit your bit

My friend Joni is co-host of a knit-along (something I'd never heard of until about this week). Knit Your Bit is, quite simply, a bunch of knitters all working on the same project; in this case, patterns that are being sold with 100% of the price going to tsunami relief.

I am not sure yet if I am going to participate, due to a combination of lack of funds and lack of faith in my knitting skills. However, I did make some extremely cute buttons to promote the group.

I know that at least four of my readers (not counting Joni) are knitters. Won't you please consider buying these patterns? They are only $5 and every penny goes to Southeast Asia. And join the Knit-along group too.

The buttons I made are below. I made them using images from World War (I and II) posters for the knitting effort. The middle one is shown twice because there is a transparent version and a version with a white background (for pages with dark backgrounds). It is my hope that one or two of you will borrow a button to promote the knit-along.