Monday, July 25, 2005


This morning I drove Will to work; I ran an errand for Will's assistant, who also functions as the office manager; I got our car a long-overdue oil change; and then I had lunch with Will. When I finished eating, I stood the most excruciating pain of my life. Somehow, despite the fact that I stood up like a totally normal person, I threw my hip out. Out of socket, to be more specific - at least, that is what I think happened. It's hard to say as I haven't been to see anyone yet. Of course, if that is the problem, it seems to be back in the damn socket so I don't know why it hurts so badly. I've alternately applied heat and cold and am trying to decide on a course of action.

Will, my sainted husband, put me into the car, did the grocery shopping, and took me home. He did not, as I assumed was his plan, return to work, but stayed here for me to bark orders at from the sofa.

If this physical pain is here to distract me from the depression, I would like to assure whoever is in charge that I WAS JUST KIDDING I AM REALLY VERY HAPPY THANK YOU.