Wednesday, July 13, 2005

But who likes me that much?

The above is the question I asked myself (out loud, no less) after opening the package that arrived this afternoon. You see, it contained the Indiana Jones box set, which I have been trying to talk myself into buying for ages. And now I don't have to, because Heath and Jess did it for me.

It's been a really good birthday. I had a great day at the zoo, we had an awesome vacation, and I got some really sweet gifts.

For posterity:

from Mom: yoga book, yoga DVD, Artist's Way

from Lou: kitchen stuff

from the in-laws: really nice clothes, prompting me to gnash my teeth and hollar about how on earth this woman could be so clueless about me but always pick out the perfect top for me.

from Laurie (mouse): Last Minute Knitted Gifts

from Jenn: Pie cookbook

from John: autographed Lauren Bacall autobiography that he somehow managed to keep secret since, like, MARCH.

from Eaf and Grr: Indy

from Will: Wonderfalls and Nero Wolfe season two on DVD (the former was a surprise). Also citrine pendant, which made me cry because the only jewelry he's bought me to date was wedding-related, plus a bracelet his sister picked out which I can't wear because I am really weird about stuff on my wrists.

Note to self: today would be a good time to start those thank you notes. Don't let this be like your wedding. (We sent out the last batch of cards last week.)