Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In which I practice Science.

Hypothesis: Ninjas and Pirates - there's no difference.
(With sincere apologies to The Ministry of Unknown Science.)

Earlier today my husband sent an email to some friends of ours (hereafter referred to as The Gaming Geeks, or GG) promising lunch and ninjas. The response from one of the GG, who happens to be our BFFN (Best Friend For Now, demoted from BFF - Best Friend Forever - due to curiously timed announcement that he is moving back to Boston [do you think we should be offended that he made this announcement just one week after meeting us?]) read as follows: "Ninjas? NINJAS??? I'm SO THERE. Because as a pirate, I MUST DESTROY THE NINJAS."

I have had just about enough of the ninja-pirate antagonism.

Ninjas are totally sweet.

Pirates are totally sweet.

Now, can't everybody get along?

Conclusion: Pirates and Ninjas - there's no difference.