Wednesday, June 22, 2005


  • I haven't balanced the checkbook in far too long. I just popped over to the bank's website to check out balance and it's WAY higher than I thought it would be, so now I'm all worried and have to try to do the books so that I can stop fretting, only I have no recollection what I've done with most of the receipts. They're around here somewhere...

  • I saw Land of the Dead last night. It's George Romero's new movie, the first in his zombie series in 20 years. It was, hands down, THE best zombie movie I have EVER seen, not counting Shaun of the Dead which is a Rom-Zom anyway. My review will be on Creature Corner tomorrow, and the movie opens on Friday. Please go see it! (Unless you are my mother. Mom, you will hate this movie.)

  • EARTH2 IS COMING OUT ON DVD. Vicki PMed me to let me know and I totally fell over with joy. I think I also screamed. Possibly while falling.

  • I really thought I had more to say...

  • I guess not.