Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Last Friday, that is.

After driving Will to work, I drove out to Pasadena, which is not that far away. I made it there with time to spare, found a parking garage half a block from the Starbucks I was headed to, and promptly got lost. Which was problematic because I usually don't get lost so I really wasn't sure what to do. You see, the stairs from the garage to street level didn't exit on the actual street but in a little shopping center that was behind some buildings and had no clearly marked exit to the street. I debated just choosing a direction and walking (at this point I had no idea which direction the street was in, though I would have been able to figure it out if I hadn't been so baffled as to how I wound up lost) but came to my senses in time to ask a man who was, er, manning a kiosk how to get out. He pointed me in the direction opposite that I'd planned to take and everything was back on track.

I walked into Starbucks and stood in the entry letting my eyes adjust. A gorgeous woman started waving from the far end of the shop. (Doesn't that sound like a good opening for a Penthouse Letter?)

She was Red of and we spent the next three hours drinking lattes and chatting. There was very little gossip since we tend to run in different blog circles. Oh, yeah - I met my first blogger. I know I've met something like 50 or so crazy internet people, but I've never met anyone I know exclusively from blogs. So we mostly talked about ourselves which suited us both just fine. Wouldn't you know, she can go off on a tangent even faster and further than I can! Amazing!

When we started getting weird looks from the Starbucks employees, we left and wandered around the shopping center I'd been lost in earlier. We went into several super-duper expensive furniture shops (chairs for $5000 ON SALE) and also a maternity store with such nice clothes that pregnancy looks like a good fashion choice (I am still not pregnant).

I finally had to leave so I could beat rush hour back to Will's office. It was very sad because she is totally my new best friend and I didn't want to say goodbye.