Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In which Jess is totally awesome.

If any of you are the sort who don't read comments sections on blogs, you need to make an exception right now and read the responses to my "Dear Alanis" post, particularly Jess's eloquent rebuttal of nearly everything that had been said thusfar (she failed to disagree with the statement that I'm a hooker).

Once you've read that, feel free to carry on with your day. But I do hope you'll think about giving comments a chance in the future. Some of the best stuff happens there. (One might argue that the comments are vastly superior to the undercaffeinated lame-o posts I've been making lately, but you should probably say it out of my hearing range, since I haven't had enough coffee this morning. You wouldn't want me to cry, would you? Don't answer that!)