Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I suck!

I have been wanting to meet Yvonne for ages, and actually planning on it since I figured out that we only live an hour or two apart. (In Southern California, "an hour or two" is an exact measurement. Seriously.) We keep sending each other these emails, like, "How about next week?" and we know our approximate halfway point but we never actually name a day and that's mostly my fault. In fact, I feel like a total heel, 'cause, um, she has three kids and I have none. My biggest issue is finding a day that Will doesn't need the car (easy) and finding $5 to buy a coffee or something while I'm out (not as easy as I'd like, but not impossible).

And today? Yvonne totally emailed me and said she's driving this way, and could I meet her? AND I CAN'T. Because I didn't plan ahead. And OK, partly because we seriously don't have $5 - but I can drink water! I like water! But I was totally lame and said I can't go, and even though it's true (I am not about to walk), I feel awful.

Luckily, she gave me her phone number.

In TOTALLY UNRELATED NEWS, I have to go make some crank calls now.