Monday, October 10, 2005

A few statistics

(Or: TMI)

The first date of my last period was August 18 (my mom's birthday!).

The baby was conceived between August 25th and 30th.

We have known for sure since September 17, two days after my period was due, though I suspected much earlier. Honestly.

If you saw us over Labor Day weekend, we were pregnant, but didn't know it yet (though I maintain that I suspected).

That makes me eight weeks pregnant this Thursday, by the somewhat retarded method of counting that is used these days. We used that method to determine the due date, so it is almost certainly incorrect. Therefore, we'll do our best to have the baby on the 19th, 22nd, 29th, and any other days y'all request. I am willing to go up to three weeks early*, but no more. I will only deal with being more than a few days late if it is to birth the bairn on 06/06/06.

Also, regarding that silent birth thing - I'm considering it, but I'd rather do zero gravity.

Any further questions? (No, we will not name the child for you. We are naming it after me.)

*I suspect my due date is a week late; I was born 2 weeks early but fully cooked. Therefore.