Sunday, November 06, 2005

In which we are adorable and quaint.

After waking up around 8:00 to a kiss from my sweetheart, we made lattes (mine decaf mocha) and sat on the couch, chatting. Then Will got a phone call and ran downstairs to go riding with Andy, who acquired a Vespa yesterday. They rode all around the Silver Lake area, went to Trader Joe's for milk, and came here for some orange juice and a quickie photo shoot (pictures coming soon). I made cornbread, which Will and I ate after Andy went home. We would have shared with Andy but I guess he wanted to see his wife or something. Will is now playing X-Men: Legends while I alternately knit a baby blanket and play online.

Aren't we precious?

p.s. I was up for about an hour at 4:00 this morning (sadly somewhat routine) and spent much of the time in awe of baby dancing. Or, if baby is anything like mommy, s/he was actually asleep and just restless. I also got to listen to Korean love ballads being blasted, presumably from a car, across the street. That wasn't so precious.