Monday, December 05, 2005

Baby baby baby!

(In case you were uncertain, this post is about my gestation.)

I totally do not have time to be writing about this, or indeed about anything, as I am behind on every single commitment I have. Seriously - proofreading job, days behind; reading/coverage job, weeks behind. It's really a good thing that I'm so pretty.

And speaking of pretty, see me glow: clickity-click-click-click

There is an alternate version available via email only in which I am not wearing a shirt. It is astonishing when you realize how enormous my chest is, with the belly poking out even further.

It took me over an hour to resize those two damn pictures, so weeks 9-14 may never be online. I really, truly hate my computer and wish to toss it out the window. Please Santa, bring me an iBook!

There isn't a lot to report, as I am still feeling totally awesome.

Had a horrible scare last Monday when I was told that the LEEP (a surgical procedure for dysplasia of the cervix) I had done several years ago gave me a 10% chance of problems including early (as in second trimester early) labor. I had fourteen heart attacks and then spent several hours in hysterics because I specifically asked my Chicago gynecologist if the procedure would effect my ability to have children and was told absolutely not. My midwife called Tuesday to say the chance was significantly lower than the obstetrician had told her unless I had the most severe version of the surgery (I did not). I agreed to regular exams (basically being felt up) to keep an eye on things. Had the first Friday and she couldn't even find the scarring, so I think everything will be absolutely fine.

Per Soupy's suggestions, the hat I knitted (actually I made two, but they're identical, so pretend):

Image hosted by

The yarn is Blue Sky Cotton. I think the color is called 'Pumpkin'. Click the thumbnail for a larger image. Ignore my crummy bow-tying ability.

Also, here is a picture of me molesting the Thanksgiving turkey, against strong urging not to handle raw meat for fear of toxoplasmosis (I washed my hands so many times they felt like sandpaper by 10:00am).

I have now wasted something like three years (two hours) fighting with Photoshop. Time to do some real work.

If there's anything you'd like to know about my rapidly expanding waistline and the baby I expect to get from it, just holler. Maybe I can do a Q&A or something. (I'm still working on my anti-sonogram post, which should clear up more than you ever wondered about.)