Sunday, December 04, 2005

We don't do much.

The week of Thanksgiving was exhausting and in many ways just awful for me. I'd rather not go into details, so you'll just have to trust me when I say that the email I sent Katherine on Sunday was pretty much the electronic equivalent of breaking down and sobbing on someone's shoulder.

Instead of writing back to say "I love you, this too shall pass," which was all I expected or thought I needed, she bought a plane ticket to LAX and was here bright and early Tuesday morning.

An overview of our visit:

After I picked her up at the airport, we drove up to my chiropractor's office and sat in the coffee shop next door until it was time for my appointment. I don't think an adjustment has ever felt so good. Afterwards we drove home where Will met us for lunch. I think we just goofed off the rest of the day. Wednesday we went to Victoria's Secret where I bought some underthings that actually fit over my enormous behind and gigantic boobs. We also stopped at a yarn store for something Katherine needed. That evening when Will got home Katherine took us to supper at Ernie's. Thursday we went to another yarn store (my favorite!) where K bought me a skein of the most gorgeous orange cotton, which I have already used to make two identical baby hats. Then we had pizza with Will. Friday after a morning appointment with my midwife we had lunch and wandered the shops on third street (not the promenade, but the one near the Beverly Center) and I decided to somehow come into lots of money so I can spend it at my favorite shop, Polkadots and Moonbeams. Then I had to take her back to LAX so she could go home. I didn't love that part.

So that's a pretty sterile recounting of everything, and leaves out all the juicy details, gossip, and general goodness of having Katherine here.

And it was really good. It is really too bad that most of the time when friends need each other we don't have the capability to be there in person. (Er, unless you are some weirdo who actually lives in the same city as most of your friends. Weirdo.) I was really, really lucky that Katherine was able to come down here, and I hope that someday I can do the same thing for one of my friends. It's kind of (exactly) like being a superhero.