Monday, March 27, 2006

OK. Fine. This is a baby blog.

Last night I dreamed that we had the baby. It was so cute and sweet and wonderful! I woke up sad because I still have to wait.

Then I took a shower and these pictures:
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They're both blurry, and I know you can't really see anything in the second one but it cracks me up. And when I laugh, you laugh. I forgot to take pictures at 31 weeks, so this is 31 and a half. The dress I'm wearing isn't maternity at all � I wore that all last summer, in fact. When I was packing up my clothing I tried it on for a gas and was shocked to find that it fit and was even cute. Not pictured: my hairy legs.

This is what happened a couple of weeks ago:

Yes. My fingers got fat. I am very sad.

And these are some pictures of the spider that was living behind my old computer and scared the living daylights out of us both when we tried to move it to clean:

Will was very brave and caught it, and I was very brave and took it outside where I shook it off the envelope we'd caught it on. Will is convinced it will come back to have its revenge on us. That is a penny in the second picture. It was dark brown with no markings. Er, the spider, not the penny. That was the usual color with the usual markings.