Monday, October 14, 2002

It's just irresponsible, it is.

Because it is after midnight, my boyfriend is asleep across the room, and I'm in pajamas, I am using google as my sole resource for the information I need to find. Ahem. What I mean is, I am using the websites that I find through google searches. It would be futile to only use google.

Anyway, I came up with an idea for a screenplay on the drive back from CassyLee's (I love you Cassy! I had a fantastic time!) and it requires some dated "accessories." Because I am a picky perfectionist in addition to a World-Class procrastinator, I feel it necessary to note in the screenplay what time of telephone my heroine has in her bedroom. This is utterly ridiculous unless I am going to direct the picture and be its researcher and props mistress, but...well, there you go. I am also a Master of the ridiculous.

In my hunting, I have come to a conclusion: People with websites featuring Stromberg Carlson, ITT, Northern Electric and Western Electric princess phones suck. Is it really that hard to include a date? I want a 1957 telephone, and none of the pictures of different styles are dated. I did find out that the pre-1962 version had an external ringer (they had not invented one small enough to fit inside the phone), which might make me inclined to use a different phone - but there are no pictures.

Damn it.