Monday, October 28, 2002

Your wish is my command, Jennifer. You slut.

So, a few months ago Will had this dream. As per usual, it was about vampires, or something. (I say usual, but I should clarify that usually he dreams about vampires in conjunction with soldiers. I don't remember if there were soldiers. It wasn't my dream.) Anyway, that was a Friday night. Saturday morning he told me about the dream while we were lying in bed, playing the Game of Wills, in which we hold out to make the other one get up first. Whoever gives in (usually because of a need to use the potty) has to make the coffee. Anyway, I wasn't terribly awake yet, but his description of the dream gave me all sorts of fabulous mental images, and we started brainstorming about story ideas. I took some notes and made a basic outline for a different vampire story. The original plan was that I would write it as a story, and give it over to him to write as a screenplay.

Time passed, as it is so prone to doing.

Yesterday Jenn (not Jennifer) came over and we watched the Blade II DVD. It was very cool, and I want to have Guillermo del Toro's fat, geeky babies. While watching, I started to think about my story again, and wrote out a bit of dialogue, longhand. After Jenn left for work, I sat down at the computer while Will did some work on his soldiers (1:6 scale, and it was work, not play) and typed out what I'd written, with some additions. Then I spent a few hours mulling over ideas and going insane like I always do when inspiration strikes. I took a break to watch Angel, which was fantastic, and then talked ideas over with Will, who loves what I've written so far. Unfortunately, he is such a genre junkie that his input was overwhelming.

It's now early morning. I need a shower, milk, and smokes, but I'm sitting at my computer, trying to write and feeling generally full of myself. It's Will's fault - he predicted that I'll become "that screenwriter" that the genre junkies have all been waiting for, the one who will write a "different and important" genre movie. If I do, it will only be due to my absolute lack of knowledge of the genre. I figure I don't have to follow the "rules," because I don't know what they are.

Yay for me!