Tuesday, December 10, 2002

On Sunday we watched The Hobbit. I've been calling myself "my precious" ever since, and I think it's giving Will the heeby-jeebies.

Yesterday, our large styrofoam crate of steaks and other goodies arrived from Omaha. We put all the foodstuffs away and then poured water into the crate to make the dry ice turn into scary fog. It was wizard. When we got bored with that, we put the remainder of the dry ice into the toilet and Will pissed on it. This was great fun until I had to pee. Then it was a rush to drench the stuff in water and make it evaporate so it wouldn't freeze my hoo-ha.

Today I went to work for the first time in two weeks. Tiny Owen is sick again, and it was quite frightening to see his little body convulse when he coughed. He turned bright red and looked all panicked - and who wouldn't? Poor thing. Then he fell asleep, and I put him down, but he kept trying to roll onto his tummy, which frightened me even more.

I still haven't written my Christmas cards, or sent a certain package overseas. The cards might arrive in time, but someone's present is going to be late.

Had a very funny discussion with Cassy about Christmas trees and Detroit, and an equally funny one with Phoebe about...a thing that I can't name because I used her real name. Oops.

In conclusion, I hate Ben Stiller.