Thursday, December 05, 2002

Yesterday Will came home from work and informed me that I would not be getting the entire Sharpe series for Christmas. Now, please note that I didn't ask for it. I've never even seen it. It's a 10-part series about Richard Sharpe, of Sharpe's Rifles, as played by Sean Bean. I'd love to see it, and not just because I want to have hot monkey sex with Mr. Bean. My boyfriend is so sweet. Of course, he's right in thinking that $270 is far too much to spend on me. My goodness, for twice that I could go to England. Which I would in no way be doing in order to see Macbeth. Nope, not at all.

In other news, I will from now on be referring to Jamie as Princess Jamie. She figured out what was wrong with my computer, even though it wasn't really her problem at all. Now I just have to wade through all of the crap that Microsoft thinks I should download and identify the updates that I actually need.