Friday, December 27, 2002

What I got for Christmas:

Oh, lordy. I made out like a bandit. I'll try to organize by gift-giver, and I'll probably forget stuff (and/or people). I have been spoiled rotten.

from oslowe:
a Jenny Sparks comic
Japanese soup bowls with dragons
a pasta pot
a book about Hollywood in the 50s
Sharpe's Rifles
White Christmas
The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack
a tea kettle
lots of little stuff (in my stocking) including a back scratcher (Silly boy is sick of doing it himself I guess)

from oslowe's parents:
a necklace
a gorgeous cashmere sweater
a rather odd little purse (which is exactly brick-sized!)
a crock pot (for both of us)

from my mom:
Singing in the Rain
Thoroughly Modern Milly
The Wizard of Oz

from my dad:
tickets to The Nutcracker for os and I
sushi dinner
my own copy of a Krazy Kat book (a rather subtle hint to give my sister's back, I think)

from my sister:
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
(She is also sending me a pair of boots and a video of her last dance performance)

from my friend John:
Notorious (my favorite Hitchcock movie)

from CassyLee:
To Have and Have Not
The Music Man

from tinkcat:
a prosperity spell
the cutest pen on earth

from CoiledSoul:
a CD of old country music
cookies and fudge!

from P@ and Stephanie (and Saren and Harper):
a Bettie-themed CD
a monkey bulletin board
a Boromir bookmark (complete with One Ring which I have been making stupid jokes about ad nauseum)

from Soupytwist:
a Christmas music CD

from Jamie Marie:
That Thing You Do!

from tkf:
a coffee sampler from Seattle's Best
those fabulous stress balls - the little metal jingly ones that you rotate in your palm and I can't think of the proper name for and I think I have to end this sentence in a preposition...

from Christine:
a LOTR:TTT pocket-sized calendar (in German!)
Betty Boop underwear (very sexy)

and finally...

Cards from almost everyone I know, including a lot of you.

And yet, I still enjyed giving more than receiving. Kinda.