Wednesday, January 29, 2003

My day in review (mid-day)

  • Refused to get out of bed. (Obviously changed my mind eventually.)
  • Put gas in our car.
  • Picked up keys to new apartment.
  • Brought Will a Big Mac because I love him.
  • Went to storage space where most of my stuff (read: books) has been since July, picked up computer boxes, gave notice for mid-February. (It seems silly to rush to get everything out of the apartment and the storage space.)
  • Went to Koontz's, the best hardware store on earth, and purchased assorted cleaning supplies, bungee cords, et cetera.
  • Thought of eight billion other items I should have gotten while there.
  • Came home utterly exhausted despite it barely being mid-afternoon, decided to take an internet break.