Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Shock and Awe come home?

I am suspicious of anything that is done in the name of National Security, since it seems that any action that has to be justified that way was purposely not done through the proper channels. There's a reason for those channels, and when the so-called leaders of our country decide to call all of the shots on their own, I get very nervous. I mean - things run poorly enough (IMO) when they are taken care of properly. There's a reason we keep yelling at all the other countries about being a democracy; I'd like to stay a democracy, even a parady of one, and avoid living in a police state.

I'm hardly a conspiracy theorist. I don't buy into most of the "the government is out to get me" mentality. I'm even fairly certain that racial profiling isn't all bad. But I am starting to freak out.

According to Friends of Meigs and the Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association, Mayor Daley hired bulldozers to destroy the runway at Meigs Field (Chicago). His excuse is homeland security. 16 planes were stranded because of his actions.

In an effort to form an unbiased opinion, I ran a google search on the matter. From the Chicago Sun-Times I found this from today. After registering at the Chicago Tribune's site, I found some well-hidden stories in the archives. This seems to be most relevant, as it is Daley's side of the story. At a glance, my conclusion is that Daley is a moron.

My mother, a pilot, is having nightmares over this. Why is no one doing anything about this fascist?