Sunday, September 14, 2003

So I'm in Ohio.

Last time I was in Ohio, Matty came to see me. Where are you, Matty?

Whenever my sister and father have showered (I was lazy forever, but now that I'm clean I'm annoyed with them for taking so long - go figure) we're driving down to Pittsburgh to go to the funeral home "viewing" extravaganza. Wait, that probably isn't the right word.

If I feel like it later, I'll transcribe what I wrote on the plane. I mostly wrote about the plane, though, so I might not bother. There isn't much to say about planes that isn't boring.

Later I'm going over to Will's parents' house. My thanks to those of you who advised against it, but I don't think I had adequately expressed that they are very kind to me nowadays. Anyway, my family is so crazy that they will seem like the living embodiment of sanity. Plus, there is no way Franny will be there (and if she is, I will probably deck her). And anyway, I want to. I know, I know. Clearly I am out of my head with grief.

In other news, I don't think my outfit matches, but K says it is all right. So if anyone dislikes my combination of brown pants and a charcoal sweater, tough. It has been okayed by the College Element. I still haven't decided what shoes to wear, though. Crud.

In conclusion, I am in Pittsburgh and you aren't! Nya-na-na-na-na.