Monday, September 08, 2003

I've always known him.

In January it will be six years since I met Will. It's such a cliche, but I feel as though I've known him my whole life. In a way, I guess I have. When we met I was 19 and was slowly changing and evolving; I didn't know where I was going or who I would turn out to be. I discovered the person I am now with him.

I often forget that there was a period in these last 6 years when we were not together. From June of 2000 to April of 2002 we lived apart. For a large portion of that time we were broken up; I couldn't tell you what portion, precisely, since it sort of went off-on-off-on-on-off-yuck-on-I don't know. We tried everything from maintaining a long-distance relationship to seeing other people to not speaking. None of it worked. We took turns not believing it, and were probably even right to do so, but frankly I think we just had to be together. Maybe not at the time, but ultimately.

We're not married, though I have a piece of paper somewhere that says we are. Nevermind. (Sorry, Mindi. Someday, I promise.) Most of the couples I know in our age range are married or engaged, but have been together for a lot less time than we have. There is nothing wrong with this, I just find it interesting. Occasionally I get annoyed that we haven't gotten married yet, but mostly I don't care. Will might dispute that claim, I don't know.

A few things bother me. The big one is when people assume that married couples are closer or have a more developed relationship than ours. Balls to that. All couples are different. (Related to this is when well-meaning people try to give me relationship advice.)

I hope nobody was expecting me to have a point.

Oh! You know what else bothers me? The idea that friends should come before boyfriends. My friends don't come before Will. No one comes before Will. He is as important to me as I am. He is my best friend, and my partner, and my puppy. I would never willingly fuck over a girl friend because of him, or a boy friend for that matter, but he is it for me.

That could stand to be repeated: Will is it for me.

Thank you. I did have a point after all.