Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Me? Fickle? Nah.

You know John? My friend who is visiting us this weekend that I am so excited to be seeing? I hate him.

He mailed my birthday present and ordered me not to open it until he is here. This is so unfair. It is sitting there, mocking me. Also, I don't have a gift for him (his birthday is about two weeks before mine) and I feel guilty.

In other news, Capitol One is retarded. They send Will about seven million credit card offers a week. We replied to one of them, because it was a good offer. He was turned down because of some crap or other. Then we received a new offer for an alternate card that was not quite as great a deal, but still an improvement over our current credit card. We applied for it and were turned down because we'd applied for another card from them in the last two months. That was last week or the week before. Today we received another offer from them.

They have killed a few too many trees on their mail campaign to keep rejecting us for pre-fucking-approved cards for such questionable reasons. (Yes, I know that pre-approved no longer means anything. But it is really ridiculous.)