Friday, August 15, 2003

Can I be a gay boy? Please?

Last night our beloved friend Sean came over. We made a ridiculously good dinner and tried to weasel some Everwood spoilers out of him. He stuck to his guns and only told me stuff that's already been in the trades. The WB has, apparently, approved a ten-year-old girl using the word "shit" during primetime. I am SO PROUD. Also, my beloved Abbots will be having more fun, and Rose will have more screentime. This may be the only series I am excited about for the fall.

However. After Sean left I turned on the TV to see if New York had power yet - actually, on the assumption that they didn't, to see what the skyline looked like. ABC was in commercial so I flipped over to NBC and what did I see, much to my surprise? Queer Eye For The Straight Guy! A full hour this time! I NBC. It was the episode with the urban cowboy who wanted to propose to his girlfriend. Neither Will nor I shed any tears at the end, I swear!

I hate being a girl! I want Ted! Or any of the others, for that matter. Except Carson. I adore Carson, but there is no way I could live with him. He can visit.

In totally unrelated news, today Saren is six. I love you, Saren.