Monday, August 04, 2003

Argh. I'm exhausted.

I've spent all day trying to learn html. Specifically, figuring out CSS and tables. It isn't all that difficult, but man is it tiring. I think I'm going to go downstairs soon and pretend the computer was never invented.

Poor Will had to go back to the courthouse today. Our court date is set for two weeks from today (suing his former landlord for the security deposit), and on Friday we got a letter from the Sheriff's department informing us that 6 unsuccessful attempts had been made to serve the summons. Including several attempts to talk to people at the office who feigned ignorance, and the last one, when they called first to confirm that STEVE FLEISCHMAN was in, but he had mysteriously "stepped out" when they arrived.

This is the same Steve Fleischman who phoned on Wednesday to see if we could settle out of court, but refused to name a figure and talked in circles for about an hour. Steve Fleischman clearly knows that he is being sued and is trying to get out of it on a technicality. He is a worm.

So, Will is headed to the courthouse to find out what the hell we're supposed to do, as they are not required in court unless they have been (successfully) served a summons.

I am so frustrated.

Not to be rude, but please do not attempt to give me advice. West Hollywood has rental laws that are different than everywhere else on earth.

I could use some sympathy, though.