Saturday, August 02, 2003

In my mind I'm gone to...Helm's Deep?

To be fair, part of my heart is in (South) Carolina, as my mum and sister are there.

Will is downstairs. It sounds like he's doing the dishes. Gawd, I love that boy. I am upstairs, fucking about online.

The soundtrack to The Two Towers is on the hi-fi. I am reasonably certain that I will die if I don't get to watch the movie again soon. (Incidentally, there is a great article that I haven't actually read in this month's Computer Gaming World that starts off "Where will you be on December 17th? If you said you don't know, you lost all your geek cred." That is a paraphrase.) The theatrical release DVD will be out soon, but I still have months to wait until the extended DVD. More fighting! More...fighting! And - AND! - a flashback to before Fellowship. For those who are unaware, Boromir came to Elrond because he and Faramir had the same dream (that's what he's talking about at the Council); the flashback will, I think, be the two brothers discussing the dream. Or something. Whatever! Sean Bean! *faints*

...Excuse me, I went to the Happy Place.

Speaking of movies, we saw 28 Days Later yesterday at the ArcLight. Best movie theater ever. Really fun movie, too. I might make an entry later about some logic holes in the movie, because I think they're quite common, particularly in horror movies and military movies, and I'd like some input. But not right now, because meh. I'm still full from the humongous breakfast I made for Will and myself.