Wednesday, July 23, 2003

My Imaginary Friend

I like to pretend that Wil Wheaton is my friend. I facilitate this by reading his blog, and more recently by receiving email from him regularly. Granted, this email is notification of updates to said blog, sent to a Topica mailing list that I joined, but whatever. It's my fantasy.

Today I did the Craziest Thing Ever.

I sent him an email. Clearly my delusions have gotten out of hand . I have decided to rectify the situation by exploring this thing I found this morning called "outside." I'd seen it previously through windows and such, but thought it was yet another product of my fabulous imagination. A quick internet search tells me that it either a) does exist or b) is a mass delusion, like cults have. I dislike scenario b, so I've decided to try leaving the house. I have $11 that I shouldn't spend, so it should be fun.