Wednesday, July 23, 2003

More on this "outside" stuff

Immediately following my previous entry, I disconnected from the internet. Will phoned as I was coming downstairs to look for my shoes, and I informed him that I was Going Out. "So I read," he told me. Ha ha. He's so witty. I swear he reads my blog a thousand times a day - insane stalker. Anyway, after I hung up the phone I noticed that it was nearly 4:00 and decided to check the mail before leaving. This served two purposes - the obvious (checking the mail) as well as getting me off the hook for any "exercise" while "outside." This is because I have to traverse about a mile and a half of hallway, not to mention two flights of stairs, to get to the mailbox.

To my joy, today's mail included my first new issue of the New Yorker since I resubscribed. Alas, the bill for said subscription also arrived, but I hastily filed it in a Pile of Papers.

Being a flexible sort of person (not that kind of flexible - well, all right, that too), I decided to Read My Magazine instead of Driving Around. To my credit, I opted to do so on the porch, which is actually much closer to the "outside" than our car.

Exhibiting my True Nature (Survivalism?) I collected the necessary items for my journey:

  • Magazine (obviously)
  • Ice water
  • Cigarettes
  • Lighter
  • Telephone
  • Cell phone, as I had told Will that I wouldn't be home
  • Journal and pen

I don't suppose I really need to mention that as soon as I got outside I felt the need to blog about it. *sigh* It's a good thing I didn't opt to cough up the extra cash for wireless internet. Or is it?- then I'd be sure to spend more time on the porch, most likely amusing the neighbors by yelling at the laptop for its deficiencies.

Maybe if we don't spend that $18/month on beer, pizza and toys (Ha!) I will use it to upgrade the laptop to a Functioning Computer.

I did eventually get around to reading my magazine. As always, it was quite good, and as always I found myself thinking that it was probably better around 1948 or so. I also got a phone call from my friend John.

After about 2 hours I decided that I ought to check on "indoors," which I am happy to report is still here.