Saturday, August 23, 2003

Today was good.

Will and I had a date today. It was truly excellent and I doubt I will do it justice in my description. Oh well -- I was there.

I woke up and made myself coffee, which unfortunately was a disaster. My plan was to use the espresso machine and just run a little extra water through, but somehow I fucked it up. I was determined to drink it, though, because I've done that before and had it work, so I was angry at myself. About two (disappointing) sips in, Will got out of bed and kissed me good morning. I cried about my coffee and he took it away and came back with a cappucino for me. Then I played with the computer and he made himself bacon. (Um. He cooked it. It was already bacon.)

After a brief chat with my mom, Will and I both showered and got dressed. I know that isn't very exciting (except maybe to Matt), but as long as I am writing about the day in detail, I figure it's worth mentioning.

We drove to the library where I dropped off our books and paid the late fees (oops), and then we drove over to Larchmont and went to our favorite sushi restaurant. I ate all of the Unagi on the west coast, and Will had...I don't know, I was preoccupied. But I'm sure it was good.

We wandered around window shopping for a bit, then drove to the ArcLight Theater. We checked out the cafe, where Will had a bourbon and I had a cappucino and some creme brulee. The we settled into our seats just in time for the previews preceding Open Range. We both loved the movie, though I don't recommend it unless you enjoy westerns.

After the movie we ran home, because I am not organized enough to take my pills with me when I might not be home by 7:30, and then went grocery shopping. On the way home we picked up fast food. We pride ourselves in our eccentricity. Sushi for lunch, Popeye's and Taco Bell for dinner. Shut up.

Now I am sitting at the computer, feeling fat and happy, and Will is watching the special features on the House of 1000 Corpses DVD. He also feels fat and happy. And what more could anyone ask for?