Sunday, December 21, 2003

Food, glorious food!

Random fact: at age 9, I was in the local high school's production of Oliver! as a boy in the orphanage. I was also credited in the program as the understudy for the Artful Dodger. I still do not know why, as I never rehearsed the role.

I got off the phone a little while ago after talking to Will's father for quite a while. He'd called to tell us all about his new puppy, Palmer, who is terribly clever.

In Klein family tradition, I shall now tell you all about the food that we have eaten recently, and the food that we will be eating this week.

Last night I made pasta. I suppose this isn't very exciting, except perhaps in the fact that I make my own sauce from scratch. Last night's sauce, though, was particularly good, and I also fixed some Italian sausage and a salad. The salad was actually leftover from a carry-out order Will's office had bought Friday, but we dressed it up a little. Will also bought a loaf of excellent Ciabatta from the market, and we had some really nice wine that had come in a gift basket. Jenn ate with us.

Tomorrow night (if the plan is still on), our friend Sean and his boyfriend Matt are coming over for Jamaican. I'm making Jerk pork loin, rice and peas, cornbread, and I don't know what else. Seems like there was something else. Maybe something green.

On Christmas eve I will make pizza. I'm thinking of doing one with Italian sausage and carmelized onions (and possibly mushrooms), one margharita style, and one veggie (with green peppers, onions, olives, and whatever else is lying around).

On Christmas day we are making Mexican food and all of our "orphaned" friends are invited over. There will be Carne Asada, Chile Verde, quesadillas, homemade tortilla chips (from store-bought tortillas), salsa, guacamole, Mexican rice, and refried beans. I'm making everything but the tortillas from scratch (which is why there are no tamales on the list). I may be forgetting some stuff. It will really be a feast.

In addition to all of the regular food, I'm making Chex mix, and doing this thing with walnuts that Will's mom did over Thanksgiving (toasted with butter and curry powder). There are also tons of snacky foods from the gift baskets we received this year (one of them was from Jerry Stiller and Ann Meara!) and all sorts of other stuff.

For the week or so following Christmas I expect that we will be eating leftovers exclusively.