Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I am the ghost of Christmas presents.

Well, sadly, we are unable to give any gifts this year, but I am certainly feeling the holiday spirit! This morning I went to the mall (ugh) in Beverly Hills (ugh, ugh, ugh) and actually had an all right time. Perhaps my strategy of going on a Tuesday morning, which was not in fact thought out at all, was a wise one.

I went to check out a kitchen cart at Bed Bath & Beyond and to buy some jeans and stuff at The Gap, both non-surprise-type gifts from my father. I found jeans that fit and several other nice items, including another fabulous pair of sweatpants (eventually that will be the only sort of bottoms that I wear) and a few long sleeve t-shirts. When I got in line, I was at the front, but there were two women who'd queued up on the wrong side of the check-out counter. The first woman had been there before me, and the check-out girl sent her over and said she would be helped first. The other woman had her very adorable (11 or 12-year-old) daughter with her, and somewhat reluctantly asked me if it would be all right for her to take care of her return ahead of me, as she had a doctor's appointment down the street to get to. I said that she certainly could, as all I had left to do today was to buy chocolate chips, and I had all day to do so. We were called to opposite sides of the check-out, facing one another, and while we were being helped she called over to me and said she was glad we'd met, because so many people are so rude at this time of year. She said something about a song she liked that advised people to wake up and put a smile on their faces, and said that I'd reminded her to smile.

I left feeling very good about myself and about the season, and went across the way to Victoria's Secret where I (finally!) found out my bra size and purchased two. Then I bought a Chai, cried over the loss of Wizards of the Coast (where did it go?), and went to Smart & Final for some baking supplies.

And it's only just 2:30! If I can keep myself from spending all day online, I may get some baking done.