Thursday, December 11, 2003

Holy casting announcement, Batman!

Sorry, that was lame.

CHUD has announced that Cillian Murphy of 28 Days Later has been cast as a villain in the upcoming Christian Bale-starring Batman movie.

CHUD also reports that the Firefly movie may not be happening as soon as hoped, if at all. Since this is coming from Joss Whedon, Compulsive Liar, I don't think anything of it one way or another. CHUD is my number one source for movie info, but my pal Alan Tudyk recently told our friend Len (who is working on the Underdogs DVD) that things were looking good for the movie.

In conclusion, I have to go find my VHS copy of The Replacement Killers, and also make a new Deadlands character. Poor Little Joe needs some time to recuperate.

p.s. Awwww! The Blogger spellcheck wanted to replace "Whedon" with "Wheaton." My work here is done.