Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Hell is other people.

First of all, today is much better than yesterday. Thanks to everyone for their kind words. We're still broke, but I am much less panicked.

So. Hell. As usual, this requires some backstory. Will's best friend in high school was Shelby. They've kept in touch over the years, and usually see each other at least once a year, on New Year's Eve. Last year Shelby wanted to visit but I had to say no, given that we were living in a studio apartment. I felt terrible about it, and invited him (well, told Will to invite him) to visit us this year, now that we have space for an extra person. A couple of weeks ago he called to say he hadn't bought his ticket yet, but would soon, and to ask if he could bring a girl he's been dating. I am less than thrilled at the thought of having an extra person here, but only due to space issues. We told him to bring her. The plan was that they'd arrive early in the week and stay until Friday or so.

Will just called to say that they are arriving on New Year's Eve at 7:00 (in the evening!) and leaving late on Sunday. I am furious. For one thing, Will has a rule: no driving after dark on Amateur Night. Once the sun sets on New Year's Eve, we don't leave the house. We like it that way. Now we will have to leave the house and go to the airport. Then we will have to go to the airport Sunday night, and first thing Monday Will has to go back to work. Maybe it is weird, but we always like to have a day or two to unwind after going anywhere or having guests. Now we will be thrust back into the routine of normalcy without any time to ourselves.

All I can say is, this girl had better be fantastic. If we don't get along I am kicking them out to the curb. (Not really. I am a wimp.)