Monday, November 10, 2003

Alias wasn't so funny this week. Except for the parts that were hilarious.

As you all probably know, Will and I have been watching Alias rather sporadically this season, after having hated it with a firey passion for the 2 prior seasons. (By sporadically, I mean every episode but last week's.) We have been amused, both by the show itself and by each other as we correct the glaring mistakes made every five seconds. It's fun to yell at the TV, especially during a show which you are not emotionally invested in.

Sydney didn't wear a wig! And it's not looking good for next week (er, two weeks from now) either! I am totally going to stop watching this show.

ALSO. Either Sloane and SpyMommy are in cahoots, and she translated the code for him and he told on Sydney, or SpyDaddy is evil.

I prefer the latter, because I am so irritated with the whole "We can't tell anyone that Sydney did something she can't even remember because they might actually use their resources to help her and thereby make the season only last three episodes" thing.

Also-also, what is up with the Actors Who Look Like Other Actors? I thought Sloane was played by Joel Grey and Lauren by Olivia D'Abo. I was wrong on both counts, clearly, so either I am an idiot or the casting is weird.

And finally, where was Spy That I Love? (The...guy. Who I think is cute.)

In conclusion, I am REALLY FUCKING TIRED.