Saturday, November 01, 2003

Pfft! What's another $800 when you're already piss-poor?

Will and I went out to run errands today after I got off work. First we went to his office because he couldn't find his paycheck at home (it was next to his desk, and is now deposited). Then we went to the first of three jewelry stores on the list I had made. From the phone book.

I love you, phone book! The first store was the only store we went to, because it was awesome. The saleslady was very nice, and the jeweler himself was a hoot, and they had stunningly gorgeous vintage rings that we can't afford. They also do beautiful custom work, and they had a ring that was very similar to what I wanted, and when I told Karen (the saleslady) how I wanted it changed, she understood exactly and described my perfect ring to Sam the Jeweler, who said he will have it ready by next Saturday. They wanted a deposit but we hadn't brought the checkbook (it never occured to me that we'd find something), and Karen was completely wonderful about it and said to just call or stop by on Tuesday with the money.

The diamond is actually a little bit larger than I'd been thinking of, but it was beautiful and I'm sure that between the rock and the custom work it's worth way more than $800 (at least to me), so yay.