Wednesday, October 15, 2003

CHUD - Cinematic Happenings Under Development

CHUD is having a contest in which they are giving out passes to Alien (coming soon to a theater near you). Unfortunately, I don't live in one of the cities they have passes for, so I thought I'd just answer them here, and buy my own ticket.

Ton [sic] win a chance at a pass, use the correct link below, include your mailing address, and tell me what you would do with Alien 5 if given the keys to the kingdom.

1. No Ripley. Look, I love Sigourney Weaver, even though my sweetheart really, really, really wants to have sex with her, but Ripley's story is really, really, really over.
2. I'd like to see the story of someone else - say, Jonesy. That's right, the cat. Oh, he's dead? I suppose a few flashbacks would be acceptable.
3. The existing formula is basically that scientists are bad, because they want to experiment on the aliens rather than destroy them. Maybe it would work out better for the franchise if, rather than continuing that formula, we had a story from the scientists' point of view. Maybe there is some actual gain to be had from studying these creatures - I don't know, a cure for cancer or something. Or is that too X-Files?
4. I loved Alien Cubed, but it started off really crappily; let's bring back Michael Biehn, OK?

In other news, either I've got Spyware on my machine or imdb has been hacked. I was going to double-check the cat's name, but now I can't be bothered.