Monday, October 27, 2003

In which I make several updates, observations, and possibly a lousy joke or two.

You've been warned.

I don't even like fantasy!

Clearly, this is a patent falsehood, particularly if is anyone to listen to on the subject. On "The Page You Made," the following films (and television series) are prominently listed: The Princess Bride, Willow, X-Men, X2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Indiana Jones trilogy, The Neverending Story...good gravy, it keeps going. Legend, The Goonies, The Matrix Reloaded... It would seem to the untrained eye that I am the World's Biggest Fantasy Fan. Granted, I've seen (and loved) all but one of these, but that is irrelevant.

"There's lots of 'relevants in the circus."


I miss my dad.

The weekend

Though exhausting, it was wonderful. Our room was upgraded to a suite, with a sitting room and sliding double doors and a huuuuuuge bed and it was wonderful. We were very decadent and ordered room service twice.

The wedding itself was just lovely, with the bride crying and the groom unable to repeat the "for better or for worse" part without screwing it up. He was so sweetly nervous. On Sunday morning, we met him briefly to fill out another of the forms (for a copy of the certificate, I think), and he was glowing. I want to get married right this minute.

Well, I suppose I'd like to shower first. And maybe have dinner. So what the hell, I guess I'll wait until next year as planned.

Phoebe is hilarious

"I spend all my time when I'm unable to contact him wishing I were able to contact him, and all my time when I am able to contact him not feeling able to. It's so frustrating being a teenage girl!"

Driving into the apocalypse

On the way to the wedding, we drove from downtown Los Angeles, which was clear and sunny, into Hell. The sky was grey and brown, the sun was a strange ball of orange. We passed two horrible accidents. That night, during the reception, we went out on a balcony. In the distance we could see what appeared to be the fires of Mount Doom. It was completely unreal, and beautiful. The air smelled sweet, like a campfire. It was raining ashes.

They're saying that arson is a possibility. On the other hand, southern California ecosystems have natural fires. It is part of life. I cannot begin to understand why people would build their multi-million dollar homes in areas where these fires are known to occur.

Everything else

The house is still a mess, finances are still sticky (I had to turn down work because of the wedding), I cancelled a trip to Disneyland and am sad because I'll be missing a chance to see Saren and Harper (and their parents), something's wrong with the car, and I am hungry. Time to figure out what's for dinner.

In conclusion,

Alias just keeps getting funnier and more ridiculous. Everwood just keeps getting better. And...that's it for my TV watching lately. We did, however, get a DVD of some X-Files episodes from Netflix. If Will figured correctly, it includes the episode with Luke Wilson. YAY!